Staring at My Watch (interlude)

Straight-P – Staring at My Watch (interlude)

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staring at my watch
one day its all gone stop
i aint laying around I’m saying now stop playing around with that clock

September of 1974
came out the womb and landed right on the floor
feet running gunning ready for war
fuck a baby rattle gimme the sword
burnin the page with a grip of the rage
smash and blast my way out of the cage
pen in my hand blood on the page
mic in my hand to blow a hole in the stage
wicked as a wicken i awoken to pain
walking through a dark cave dragging my chains
blast like an atom bomb right in the battlefield
evil like the kid that brought terror to haddonfield
step into the mind a killa from the Mil
eight dead bodies in a coupe deville
bout to put em in the morgue to chill
toe tagging when I’m bringing the real

unreleased from 2016
written, performed and produced by Straight-P of REALIZM for endless productions, Inc.

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