Give Me Some of That (the 1985 song)

My first Release of 2016 is Now Available..
All of the media and links are listed below.. Here’s a quick Teaser for you.

“Straight-P – Give Me Some of That” (teaser)

Available for play/download/purchase virtually everywhere Worldwide.

Since most of you guys grew up with me or are at least near my age. If you miss and loved the 80’s like i do, this song should give you what you need.

This is a fictitious song made to be placed in roughly a 1985 mood/mindstate. It’s a simple song about attraction.

Detailed concept:
To make a song “period correct” as a producer (and this one is based in the 80’s) you don’t just use plugins and a computer to do it digitally. 80% of everything is Analog equipment.
Authenticity was the Goal.
The mission was to make just One Song from the 80’s that you never heard, but has appeared out of nowhere to rejuvenate the feeling it would’ve had in 1985.
The length’s i went to making this may seem ridiculous to people for just one song. I sold some very special equipment from my studio to accumulate the money to get on a waiting list for a MOOG Sub 37 Synthesizer. I waited for 2 months before it arrived. Every single snare, hi-hat and kick is authentic to the sound of the 80’s. Every bassline and synth that cut’s through the mix was played organically with no quantizing on true analogue equipment. The lyrics had to be dated. They couldn’t have any new slang or words that weren’t used in the 80’s. I could have sang it all in my normal American voice, but i chose to sing it with an English accent. The homage i am paying to the greats of the 80’s in this one are crafted to-the-tee and will be evident. I had been working on this one for about 4 months.
I have made over 1500 songs and only twice in my life have i sent a song that i already thought was complete, off to an engineer to just put the last little touches on my umpteenth mixdown. This one went back and forth between Ryan Main and I for about a month and a half before it got to the right stage and i really appreciate all his knowledge and work he put into getting it right.

My last piece of the puzzle was the Album cover.
Yeah, i’m decent at photoshop, but it Had to be Real! So, what’s the Most Iconic Car from the 80’s you could possibly have as the Album Cover? No other than a Lamborghini Countach.
My buddy Joel @joelmerc50 happens to have the sickest car collection and has made the last piece of this songs puzzle come together.
Shot the Album Cover right down my street at sunset and the rest is history.

My music isn’t for everyone, but for those of you that buy, download, listen to it or share it, i am forever grateful for you.

Written, Produced and Performed by Pete “Straight-P” Wendt. Co-mixing and final master completed by Ryan Main.

©2016 endless productions, Inc. BMi ®All Rights Reserved

Movies used in the Teaser: 📼
Ninja III The Domination (1984)
Cannonball Run 1 (1981)
Cannonball Run 2 (1984)
The Wraith (1986)

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Peace and Love from the photoshoot for the Album Cover


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