DownSide Up ^

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Hook: (x2)
hoo haa, la la la laa
hoo haa, downside up

at times, i cant be held accountable for my actions,
when i’m drinkin’ i’m thinkin of freakin’ satisfaction,
hit me up on myspace, facebook or whatever,
and you can rock straight-p’s letterman sweater,
and i’ll be knockin’ on your door with a subpoena,
to do the no pants dance like vinnie barbarino,
kinky on a cali king all tied up,
with your face in the pillow and your downside up,

Hook: (x4)

i like my titties like my pockets, in biggie stax,
put it on me like a pornstar, ricki raxx,
1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, gone,
its a grand slam when i’m bringin’ 3 of yall home,
i brag a little harder than reality yo,
but i could work you out to burn the calories though,
and if you wonder why i dont come around that much,
i got another female tail downside up,

Hook: (x4)

it dont even matter where i go i’m runnin the thang,
i could walk up in it solo i dont roll with a gang,
rockin my alligator wrapped brown von zippers,
with a blonde and a brunette, i’m Jack Tripper,
ladies i spit to, cooler than an igloo,
brutally honest in two hours imma dick you,
imma sex fiend with the power to lay,
i think about it 25 hours a day,
and my paperwork is clean you could say im “the truth”,
i either got your downside up or im up in the booth,
i got eyes on all the women like im a spider,
and everytime i find a fine one i find one tighter,
year round downtown i grow like a boganvilla,
hot sauce on your back, tribal tat, Tapatio,
its a big daddy thing this crown is my stuff,
her ass in the air is the downside up

Hook: (x4)

written produced performed mixed and mastered by Straight-P of REALIZM for endless productions, Inc ©2009.

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