Catie Lee

Catie Lee

i wasnt lookin for a partner,
i wasnt lookin for a soul mate
i was still grievin over georgia
lettin liquor pour in me
activate my profile, knowin i’d delete it
dont know what im lookin for, dont know what i needed
my job left me strugglin, i was sellin everything
you came outta nowhere filled me up with hope again

(Verse 1)
you sent a message, i was peepin your page
shes fly, shes single, my age
she from my hometown, thought i knew em all,
we tappin letters, i would rather phone call,
dial ten digits lets see what the voice do
couple hours later audibly enjoying you
a piece of heaven in this life i lived in old hell
feelin something kinda warm under my cold shell
from that day on, we never stopped talkin
peepin all her pictures ya kno, style stalkin
swappin songs, talkin shit and try to make her smile,
the elephant was in the room, so many miles
i kept pushin where we were to the back of my brain
i wasnt gonna let the distance take her away
she accepted me and knew it was a cruel world
i called her babe, she called me booboo thats my true girl

(Verse 2)
she took her time and her money and she flew on out to my land,
which is crazy cuz she had a fear of flyin
i was cleanin up my joint, body fulla anxiety,
awkward when her plane arrived on my dry island,
cracked a couple beers laid her down in the master
whille she was sleepin i was just so happy now i have her
through all these dark times finally im shining
cuz i was all hers, and she was mine yeah
took her to the state fair, took her to the ocean,
took her out dancing, riviera coastin
chillin every night yo, readin out the bible,
shot with the love gun, someone check my vitals,
old school chivalry, respect she demands
cinderella and her prince, as we walk holdin hands
crash into me the best woman and a man,
but tell me why we gotta be stuck across the planet

(Verse 3)
you people need to listen if your in a long distance
your brain will play tricks while you try to be consistent
i knew she was in love with me and knew she never cheated
she knew that i was loyal, and that she was all i needed
the devil found a way to penetrate the love that we had
i got insecure and little things were makin me mad
the hammer dun hit the nailhead, trippin about her male friends
lost it at the tail end of love i failed it
i couldnt push it to the side, i was boiling
how can fruit so fresh begin to start spoilin
she hated that her close friends together never seen us
and now we back to zero with 2000 miles between us
this is my confession as im sinkin in depression
yes it teaches me a lesson dont be messin up your blessins
this shit is not okay wit me, theres nothin you can say to me
never can a lady be better for me than catie lee

Created on Maschine MK3
Put together, recorded, mixed and ,mastered on Logic Pro X
Vocal Mic: Audio Techinica 4033a
Plugin Chain:
EQ, CLA Vocals, Valhalla Reverb, Waves rBass, Izotope Ozone 8 (frosting), Waves L2 on the final fader.

Chorus movie chops from Season 7 “The Ranch” Sam Elliot
Contains a key/chord interpolation of “Simply Beautiful” by Al Green

All verses recorded in one take with no splicing

10.6.2019 @ 3:13pm
Written, Performed, Mixed and Mastered by Pete “Straight-P” Wendt, for endless productions, Inc.

My heart bleeds, and I still love you, babe.

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